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dom 17/12
dom 24/12
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sáb 7 abr
50h 39m
lun 16 abr
21h 10m
Viaje: 10 días
Calificación general: 0,0 Malo
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dom 14 ene
26h 10m
lun 12 feb
24h 40m
Viaje: 30 días
7,3BuenoVer opiniones
Calificación general: 7,3 Bueno
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Aceptable 4,0

Crew didn't reach middle of plane with Food & Beverage. Lots of fussy/serving of premium passengers but economy not really looked after. Was bashed into 3 times by same member of crew walking up aisle and not once apologised.

Mediocre 2,0

1. Plane engine set fire while taking off... leaking fuel. 2. My bag fee was waived, but the next day after being grounded and put in a cheap hotel for the night, I was RECHARGED $100. 3. They knew my flight left at 9pm, still gave me ONLY 1 hotel voucher so I was kicked out of the hotel at 12pm with NOWHERE to go for NINE HOURS with 125lbs of luggage. 4. They provided a good voucher, but the cheap hotel they put me in didn't have a kitchen, USELESS. 5. The flight was LATE getting to London the next day and I missed my BRITISH Airway connecting flight to Thailand. Had to wait another 7 HOURS to get a flight out. 6. Terrible service, over priced and rude agents. The agent told me " I don't know who waived your fee yesterday, but I'm not." Cold, considering the plane I was on the day before was shooting fire about to explode. 7. I was rebooked no choice of seating or consideration.

Mediocre 2,0

The woman at the check in desk worked patiently with us until she found us an alternate route. We werare given food and hotel vouchers to get us through the night.

Our British Airways flight was downgraded to a smaller airplane and we were not informed of this until we were in an hour in to waiting in a very long line to check in at the airport. We were unable to check in online the night before but not told why, and then we were unable to check in at the electronic kiosk at the airport but also not told way. When we got into the very confused and long line at the check-in desk 2.5 hours before our scheduled departure, we waited for almost an hour before anybody told us what was going on. They then told us that the flight has been downgraded to a smaller airplane, and that the agents were individually looking into rerouting passengers as they came up to the desk. Yeah sure does that the flight would not leave until everything was resolved and that people who had purchased their flights earlier would have priority. We then waited another 1.5 hours before it was our turn to speak to an agent at the desk. She told us that we would definitely not be getting on the flight because we had not checked in in time, which we had been unable to do. She then worked on rerouting us and offered us what sounded like an excellent flight option direct to Amsterdam on KLM the following day, however when we went to KLM to check in for the flight they said it was overbooked and we could go standby but we would not be guaranteed seats. We went back to her again and she eventually booked us on a Delta flight through Salt Lake City leaving the following day. We are currently in Salt Lake awaiting our flight to Amsterdam. This gets us to Amsterdam 12 hours after planned, Shortening our vacation with friends and causing us to miss events that have been planned. We are very upset that there was no information provided to us earlier and that British Airways did not, as is customary, first seek volunteers to take later flights, before bumping people off due to a lack of seats on their available plane. Instead they gave priority to people that had paid more money to check in with priority. We booked our flights 3 1/2 months ahead of time and feel that we were grossly AND unnecessarily put out by the actions and lack of communication throughout the process with British Airways.

Mediocre 2,0

Late BA flight made sure I had to wait 7 hours to catch and EVA air flight. I want my money back. I paid 1000 to flight British Airways not to be crammed on a flight as a show away. Super uncomfortable seat on EVA and a terrible experience. I fell on the plane.

Excelente 10,0

British Airways makes you pay for water!!! I accept paying for food and drinks but water should be free Also their machines to pay on board don’t accept USA credit cards so I couldn’t pay but a kind flight attendant allowed me to buy with card and she hand wrote info

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